Blend 2019

The amazing team behind Blend asked me to take over production design for the 2019 conference! 👏WOWEE it was a total blast and a huge honor.


I took the pool party theme created by the Part One guys and ran with the idea of giant inflatable sculptures around the venue. There were 20-foot inflatables strapped to the roof, the lobby and stage were decked out with them, we had a balloon wall, giant decals on the windows, and more. We lit the audience area with a blue water effect and gave the stage a pink flooring. Did you spot the pool ladder on stage and the beach balls? The sun lounge chairs the panelists sat on?


The team thought I was crazy with the idea of inflatables but they said yes anyways, bless. It all went by in a flash, but so much love was put into that event by so many people.