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Nike Wind

Nike wanted to connect with new and casual runners for their Winflo 8 shoe launch. So they commissioned BUCK to make a fun "How to Run" guide that encouraged people to get up and find their inner runner — I was brought on as an illustrator to help explore what our final style could be!

The team decided to go with a narrative "journey" approach that chronicled not just the run itself but also the broader path from non-runner to casual runner and beyond. During the illustration phase, we went for a West Coast vibe and a comic book-y/zine style to add a playful touch. We created three different stories, each featuring relatable characters discovering their personal nirvana, one step at a time.

The illustrations were not your typical sports ad fare. They had a groovy, retro feel with modern character designs and details like RPG dice, unique ear piercings, and cool cats. All of these made the characters feel real and representative of the diverse running community.

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