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Let's! Revolution! is BUCK's new logic-based puzzle game featuring playful art and hand-drawn animation.

The game is a fantasy-adventure game in spirit — inviting players to dethrone the medieval King exploiting the land of Beebom. Players flip tiles to uncover a hidden path, collecting items and skills during their quest.


For BUCK's first official foray into the world of games, I was approached by the games team to dream up the narrative for a promising new prototype, and set the overall style for the game.

After about a week of writing, I'd put the whole kingdom of Beebom down on paper, complete with six unique regions — Phlox, Cymbidium, Saffron, Vespertine, Scoria and Walrus. Each one with its own moodboard of visual references, history for each playable character, and ideas for region culture. And, most importantly, each character's own reason to despise the ridiculous king.

I was so fortunate to have had the role of art director on this project — leading a team of 20+ artists and animators across all aspects of the creation, from character and background design to FX animation and UI. Taking inspiration from Stephen Universe, Studio Ghibli, and the weirdness of Katamari Damacy, everything from art to animation has a bubbliness that oozes fun and quirkiness.

Shout out to the entire team on this one — we had a dream team from the top to the bottom. It was a pleasure to work alongside such a talented team of artists.

Check out the game's website for more info. Get it now on Steam!

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